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Honest Training
4016 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR

I used to go to circuit training and spin classes at Honest Fitness and am currently taking a break to take care of my knees (surgery recovery) and mental health. The atmosphere at Honest has always been inclusive and open to all bodies. I will say that the clientele is varied in age but not in body types and I was usually the only larger body (sometimes there is maybe one more) in a class. I can only speak for the morning classes. All exercises can be scaled to where your body is that day, just tell the instructor before class begins. I have knee issues and the teachers are accommodating and I've never felt pressured to push myself past what I know I can do. The circuit classes (they are phasing out spin only classes) are a mix of strength training, cardio conditioning and mobility, so they cover all the bases! There may be some weight loss talk amongst the clientele and they sometimes have different kinds of "nutrition challenges" happening but it's easy to avoid and I have not experienced any of the instructors talk about "beach bodies", weight loss or anything diet culture-y during the workouts. As a POC in a larger body that moves slower than others I have always felt comfortable working out here without anyone judging me or my abilities. My favorite instructors there are Paisley (the owner), Tahni and Normarae. If you have specific injuries you want to be mindful of I would take a Paisley class and come early to let her know. I'm excited to return back to working out here once I'm ready.