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Bishops Haircuts - Hair Color

This Bishops location is a mixed bag. The manager, Misti, is very welcoming. However, it has very limited parking (very small lot with a lot of other businesses) and the handicapped spots are in front of another business so you'll have more distance than is ideal to get in. That being said, compared to the more urban locations, having any parking at all is a bonus. There are no steps to enter (as long as you park in the handicapped spot) and the interior has plenty of room for those using mobility aids. There is generally parking on a weekday but on the weekend you'll probably be parking across the lot and having a dangerous walk to Bishops (hard to explain how the parking lot is set up but it's not ideal). Fat people: there is no seating in the waiting area that will fit you :( The only seats, like most Bishops, are old school theater style wooden seats. They're all connected and the distance between the armrests is going to be tight for most people, including the employees, who have all commented to me about how small and horrible the seating is and how they have to wedge themselves in (this last comment came from someone who I estimate wears a women's size 8-10). My question is, WHY DON'T YOU FIX IT, THEN? You know why? Because Bishops wants to maintain a hipster, cool image and apparently people in larger bodies would mess that up. Now some good: I have been really in love with the haircuts I've gotten from Misti at this location and think she's a lovely person. I also fit just fine in their barber chairs, with room to spare, even! (I wear a size 24 pants and often don't fit in chairs that other people who wear my size insist that I will.) They don't charge based on gender, they charge based on length of hair, so you don't have to pay more if you're a "woman". Their online booking also has an option not to specify gender and they have an all-gender restroom.