Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if a business has been Amplified?
Businesses are ‘amplified’ by Amplifiers, a group of volunteers who note when a business or provider are recommended outside of the Ample platform. This can be from a face-to-face conversation or from a discussions they see on social media. Amplified businesses will show up on the Ample map and in the top search results, alongside businesses that already have reviews. A badge will appear on the pages of Amplified businesses, letting users know that this place or provider is being recommended even if there are not yet firsthand user reviews. These amplified businesses are great leads in your search for inclusive providers and businesses!
What are Amplifiers?
Amplifiers are volunteers who contribute data to the Ample platform by clicking an ‘Amplify’ button (only visible to confirmed Amplifiers) on a business page anytime they see or hear someone positively recommending that business. To become an Amplifier, write to Make sure you've logged in to Ample at least once. We'll have an email exchange about the privileges and responsibilities of being an Amplifier! To be featured on the Amplifiers page on our website, include an attached photo of yourself, what name to use (we can use abbreviations like “Sam S.”), your pronouns, and your location. It is okay to be an anonymous Amplifier, but we’d love for you to get kudos for your efforts!
Why do you do this Amplification thing?
Sometimes, despite a business receiving great praise in online forums and social media groups, we cannot easily entice folks to hop on over to the Ample web app and make a review to share their firsthand experience. Amplifying is about taking that praise and making a useful data point with it, even if reviews haven't been made. This will allow quicker growth of centralized data that may benefit folks in marginalized bodies. Once a business is Amplified, it will show up on our map and near the top of our search results. This will, for example, provide more leads when searching for a new doctor in your area, or make traveling to unknown cities easier.
What is claiming a business all about?
Each listing on Ample has a link for the business owner or service provider to claim their page on the Ample platform. To claim, click the link at the bottom of every business page that says ‘claim this business’. You will then be prompted to fill out a small online form so Ample can verify the legitimacy of the claim.

There are perks to claiming your business. Optionally, but importantly, business owners can take a pledge to treat people of all genders, body sizes, races, and abilities equally. By taking the pledge, businesses and providers will appear on our world map of inclusive providers. They will also appear near the top of returned search results, regardless of whether they have been reviewed. This is a great way to promote your business or service to those searching for inclusive and friendly establishments. A badge will appear on the business’ page indicating that the the owner has taken the pledge.

Another perk of taking the pledge is the opportunity to upload a statement of business philosophy. This may also include mention of specific efforts towards making the space or service accessible to all. This statement will be displayed on the listing for the business along with the pledge badge.
What is the Inclusivity Pledge?
Business Owners who claim their business on the Ample platform can optionally take the Inclusivity Pledge. It reads,

“I pledge to treat people of all genders, body sizes, races, and abilities equally. I will keep an open and eager mind towards learning how I might improve accessibility on an ongoing basis. To the best of my ability, I will seek to create a space and/or service that is inclusive, safe, and comfortable.”