The Team

Alissa Sobo (she/her) is a programmer who lives in Portland, OR with her programmer husband and two very young kids. When not coding, she can be found cooking, vegetable gardening, biking, or hiking the Pacific Northwest.

Gus Cannon (he/him) is a designer and musician living in Portland, OR. When not working, he can be found making lots of beats and basking in the fleeting Portland sun.

Ragen Chastain (she/her) is a speaker and writer who focuses on teaching fat people how to love and advocate for ourselves, and teaching health and wellness professionals how to treat fat people like human beings. She lives in LA, and is training for her first (and only!) IRONMAN triathlon.

Ruby Chevreuil (she/her) is a brown, witchy Femme who geeks out over writing community guidelines and creating safe online spaces. Her favorite things include talking about her cats, sewing, camping, finding ways to save the ocean and looking for the best Vegan pizza in town.

Shoog McD.(they/them)
Gainesville, Florida
Anna C.(she/her)
Portland, OR
On the Road, USA
Philly, PA
Alex G.(they/them)
Greenfield, MA
Laura H.(she/her)
Portland Metro, OR